14 april 2019

Cycling Vest Finisher

Take part in all five Bikeservice's Granfondos
and get a free cycling vest with Pacto's quality

Take the challenge, participate in the five Granfondos of the Bikeservice calendar and you will be getting a free, beautiful and useful cycling vest designed and produced by the Pacto brand.
This is an essential part of any cyclist's equipment and we had the detail of drawing one model for him and one for her!

Check the calendar and take the challenge:
April 14 - Montemuro Granfondo by Trek 2019
May 5 - Love Tiles Douro Granfondo 2019
June 2 - EDP Distribuição Gerês Granfondo 2019
July 14 - Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2019
September 22 - Monção e Melgaço Granfondo by Trek 2019