11 april 2020


5 Granfondos for a much stronger 2021!

After this zero year, in sporting terms, that we are experiencing, we will return much stronger in 2021. Thinking about it, at Bikeservice we have prepared a Granfondos calendar tailored to all types of aspirations - both for the hyper-competitive and for those who essentially want to enjoy our magnificent routes.

From April to September, from the Serra de Montemuro to the green slopes of Monção and Melgaço, passing through the magic of Gerês and the heat of Trás-os-Montes, without forgetting, of course, the incomparable Douro.
Know the calendar and then come and taste our Granfondos. In 2021, we will all be back much stronger!

Participate in Montemuro Granfondo by Trek
and enjoy a delicious "Aba Rice"

Knowing and savoring regional specialties is one of the advantages offered by Bikeservice events. In the first Montemuro Granfondo, all participants will have the opportunity to refuel their energy deposits with one of the typical dishes of the Cinfães region: "Arroz de Aba", made with delicious arouquesa meat.

"Arroz de Aba" is an offer from the organization, with the support of Caçarola and ANCRA.


Starting in our 5 Granfondos is the
equivalent of a nice finisher jersey

Montemuro, Douro, Gerês, Bragança and Alvarinho: 5 Granfondos = 1 finisher sweater! With Bikeservice, calculations are easy to do. Enter in the equation, align in out 5 Granfondos and get a beautiful free jersey with the quality and level of design that Pacto has accustomed us all.

There is one jersey designed specifically for girls and another one for men, being common to both models the elegance and distinction. Don't waste time doing calculations and come to our 5 Granfondos!

Voucher registration Montemuro Granfondo 2018

Surprise a friend or relative by offering an application for Montemuro Granfondo 2018.
To acquire you will have to make a transfer to
Nib 0045 1463 4027 5091 3307 8
IBAN PT50 0045 1463 4027 5091 3307 8
You will need to send the proof to geral@montemurogranfondo.com together with your address where we will send the voucher.
To finalize the beneficiary of the voucher you will have to register the data on the website at www.montemurogranfondo.com and then send an email to geral@montemurogranfondo.com with the voucher number that you have been assigned.



Come rediscover Cinfães with the first edition of Montemuro Granfondo

Following the success of Montemuro Cycling Road of 2017, for 2018 the event was rebaptized and redesigned.

On April 15th 2018, the village of Cinfães will be the epicenter of Montemuro Granfondo, another one with Bikeservice's quality as well as the three different courses that traditionally feature in our cycling for all events, Minifondo (57 km), Mediofondo (87 km) and Granfondo (125 km).

Come rediscover a region filled with monuments - both natural, like Montemuro Mountain and the rivers Douro, Paiva, Bestança and Cabrum; and human made, distributed along the rave course in the typical villages that are part of Rota do Românico.

Come to Montemuro Granfondo and enter in a new dimension!