14 april 2019


On April 14, 2019 come feel closer to heaven.
Come to Montemuro Granfondo by Trek 2019!

Bikeservice will be hosting another unforgettable event, with all the ingredients that will make it an epic adventure.
Cinfães will be the starting point, with three chances to return, crossing the finish line of this Montemuro Granfondo by Trek 2019: the 125 km of the Granfondo, the 87 km of the Mediofondo or the 57 km of the Minifondo.
We will take you to know the unexplored Serra de Montemuro, touching the skies with a passage at 1200 meters of altitude.

At the end, you will enjoy the tasty Aba Rice, a typical dish of the region that will allow you to replenish the lost energies.

In 2018, more than a thousand cyclists accepted the challenge and launched themselves to the discovery. On April 14, 2019, you also rediscover Cinfães.

Come and feel closer to the sky with the Montemuro Granfondo by Trek 2019!