11 april 2020


From hell to heaven there is a colossus away.
Cinfães and the Serra de Montemuro await you!

Montemuro Granfondo by Trek 2021 opens the Bikeservice Granfondo season. And in the best way possible: with a colossal challenge!

Granfondo (120 km), Mediofondo (91 km) or Minifondo (55 km), make your choice and discover this untouched piece of territory, famous for the lack of pollution of the Paiva River and the set of historical monuments that make Cinfães, in the middle of the Romanesque Route, a must visit county.
We have lush nature but also climbs that threaten to lead you to the hell of suffering before you touch the sky of the pleasure of personal overcoming.

Challenge yourself in Alto de Aveloso and then enjoy traditional Aba rice, one of the regional specialties, as well as the friendliness of the people.

On April 11, 2021, the colossus is back. - Montemuro Granfondo by Trek .

Come rediscover Cinfães and the Serra de Montemuro!