15 april 2018

Dorsal 1

First Montemuro Granfondo honors
Joaquim Andrade with the number 1

In the first edition of the Montemuro Granfondo we pay tribute to the memory of Portuguese cycling and to the bravery of someome who, having won the Volta a Portugal in 1969, continues at the age of 72 to challenge himself on the bike: Joaquim Andrade will be the number 1 of the event.

The victory in the Tour of Portugal was the highlight of the career of the Travanca rider, but if anything characterized him was the competence and the victories in every field, from the mountains to the track, as well as individual time trial.

Contemporaneous and one of Joaquim Agostinho's rivals, he raced Tour de France and Vuelta a España and was one of the great stars of FC Porto in the 70's.